Andrew Schroth Presents at the First International Workshop on Urbanization in Watersheds held in Xiamen, China

Dr. Andrew Schroth, UVM Department of Geology, was an invited speaker for an inaugural workshop held in Xiamen, China on October 12-17, 2014 on "The First International Workshop on Urbanization in Watersheds: Ecological and Environmental Responses". Dr.Schroth was invited by one of the key organizers, Dr. Art Gold, Professor of Watershed Hydrology, at the University of Rhode Island. Dr. Schroth is a Co-PI (VT) for the Northeast Water Resources Network (NEWRnet) award from the National Science Foundation, which is a consortium of 3 states - VT, RI and DE. Dr. Gold is PI for the RI NEWRnet team. The North East Water Resources network (NEWRnet) is a next generation monitoring initiative that integrates economic behavior and policy to support sustainable communities in a productive landscape.

The overarching goal of the workshop was to develop collaboration among Chinese and American/European scientists studying the impacts of rapid Chinese urbanization on water quality and stream ecosystems.

During some of the breakout sessions, developing a water quality monitoring network in China similar to(and potentially linked with) NEWRnet was discussed.